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5G times is coming

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Update time : 2017-09-18 21:17:00

5G times is coming

In this times, the fast developing technology force human progress.When the technology goes ahead, force the rules,facility, and structure of the society to match up with. now the 5G network transmission speed is 66 times of the 4G speed.  

Now most of our phones use 4G networks, the transmission speed is much fast than 3G, but this is not enough, now 5G is comes fast to us. maybe after several year, we can experience the speed of wind network transmission speed. now our communication network exist 2G, 3G, 4G, so what is "G"? "G" here means "generation".5G means the 5 generation of communication network.

at the beginning of 2017, the ministor of industry and information technology minitry in China annouced that China will choose 6 feild to explore intelligent manufacturing, now is study the 5G network technology. recently Google annouced to develop Driverless new energy vehicles, Apple Inc also annouce to develop the vehiles, China also, all this technology is related to 5G network. Specialist forecast that 4G bandwidth can't meet all this needs, at least need 5G. 

On September 14th, 2017, Huaiwei has annouced, who have sucessfully use 5G new connector with 3GPP standard in commercial network cooperate with Germany Telecom. this means China has become the fist country which can provided full 5G technology.

what is 5G? 

the speed of 5G is much more faster than 4G, can reach 1G to 10G per second. 5G speed means we can download a TV serials in several seconds; we can have vedio call everywhere; even arounded by people, we will not lost internet connect.

Another change of 5G is" internet of everything", 5G can not only connect mobiles, but also hundreds of equipment, as big as a car, as small as a needle, we can handle the items' conditions at any time any where, realize the dream " information goes fast like thoughts, all items can touch by hand".

when will the 5G times comes?

 the first comference of 5G network was hold in Beijing this year, indicate that China has been the leading Country in 5G network technology, China will also become one of the first countries to construct 5G. Acording to the plan, from 2015 to 2018, 5G network technology will at an develop and test running stage. from 2018 to 2020, 5G will be used for commercial usage. namely, around 2020, we will enter the times of 5G. 

what are the chances and challenges of 5G times?

high speed: faster speed will the direct feeting of end-user, it will also brings more high quality services.

high connection density: together with the mature of item internet connect, vehiles internet connect, intelligent home-use products. internet connection willl mushrooming increased, only 5G network can support such a high connection density.

low delay: millisecond class end-to-end delay, will greatly promote real time application such as GPS, intelligent transportation system, Real-time versus online game, and so on.

VR virture reality industry
these year, some technical giants have realized the development of virtual reality industry, and invest in this field. but now the 4G network can not support the perfect experience of virtual reality. the senior excutive of Huawei annouces the perfect experience of virtual reality need at least 2.5Gbit per socond data disposal, also request delay less than 20ms, 5G network can meet this request. according to published the 5G draft, 5G will have a higher speed, and bigger bandwidth, and also low delay. moreover, the big capacity can also supply high definition frames transmission, can solve the problem of dizziness.

panomatic live show
now 4G network speed can support live show, but in some bad network envirionment, the transmission will have delay. when in some higher request of network envirionment, like sport live show, 4G can not synchronize the race course to the show. but when we use 5G, the higher speed and lower delay will make the live show more fluence, can also support panomatic low show, brings incisive visual experience to the audience.

5G will realize“internet of things”
3G and 4G promote the mobile internet, 5G will bring the things internet. some people said that 5G technology is just for things internet. the transmission speed of 5G can reach 10Gbps, it is 10 to 100 times of 4G, which can meet the request of mass data, it will really releaze "all things internet". 5G network will have greatly influence to the traditional industry, also give change to the new industry. in the future all the items related to the production and living can be interneted. based on mass data auto analysis, people will have a more easier live.

how will 5G influence the wire and cable industry?
5G network technology also brings a great chance for wire and cable industry, especially the fiber optical cable industry. together with the greatly increased request of optical communication, fiber optical cable request will also be greatly increased.
the boons are as follows:
1. base station increase leads to feeder lines increase
2. base station increase leads to connected fiber optical cable increase
3. flow rate mass increase leads to fiber optical cable increase
by the forecase of specialist, 2017-2021, global fiber optical cable will increase by the rate of 11.45%.